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Recent News

Nov 16 2020
A recording of the event can be accessed HERE.       PLATFORMED CREATION
Jul 9 2020
A few years ago, Forrest Stuart would find himself in an academic version of "Who’s on First."
Jun 8 2020
Stanford sociologist discusses how race and class inequalities are embedded in the American criminal legal system.
May 8 2020
Changing Human Experience grants explore society’s most challenging problems The recently awarded Cultivating Humanities grants fund collaborative teams tackling issues of public concern including political representation of women, changing narratives on sexual violence and emotional and behavioral...
Apr 6 2020
Why Latino citizens are worrying more about deportation “You can’t deport a U.S. citizen,” said a friend recently. My friend is correct on the law. But that doesn’t stop millions of U.S. citizens from fearing deportation anyway.